APE (Alternative Press Expo) was this weekend. Here are a few photos.

I always have a great time at APE. Everything about it is just about perfect. The venue is a great place for a small convention like this, with lots of natural light and just the right amount of space. There are a ton of great comic books and cartoonists here. What I really love is seeing kids walking around gathering their favorite comic books and strips. Growing up with comic strips like Calvin and Hobs,The Far Side, Doonesburry, Garfield and the Wizard of Id was extremely important to me, and seeing cartoonists of today reaching young audiences really warms my heart.

My favorite booth was, hands down, vacuum books. It was perfect. Seriously. Fucking. Perfect. I hope they become an APE regular. Visit / follow their tumblr; I know I have.

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To them it's some kind of ritual.